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Tip-Out Tray Cabinet

This easily accessible Tip-Out Storage bin with a simple Tip-Out design makes storing and retrieving items a snap. It has a steel frame with a black powder coated finish. Each of the 4 durable clear plastic trays have seven adjustable dividers to make 8 total compartments per tray. This unit also has a top storage compartment that measures 3” D x 6” H x 18” W with 2 shelves and a hinged door. Black textured powder coat finish. Can stand on bench or wall mounted.

Tip Out Tray Cabinet - PL-TOC | Made In The USA

Tip-Out Bin

4 Tray Cabinet with Upper Storage


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Tip Out Tray Cabinet | Made In The USA

Tip-Out Bin

Single Tier Tip-Out Bin

PL-TO1 (5.6″ H)

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Tip-Out Bin

2 Tier Tip-Out Bin

PL-TO2 (10″ H)

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Tip-Out Bin

3 Tier Tip-Out Bin

PL-TO3 (14.4 H)

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